Facts & Figures: Communications

arb.org.uk sessions*


online Register sessions*

Twitter followers up by 17%

Facebook likes up by 16%

LinkedIn followers up by 14%

YouTube video views up to 36%



average monthly Ebulletin circulation


News Releases

unique views of the releases (combined)

consumer show stands

* A ‘session’ refers to a user’s discrete interaction with a website, typically until there is 30 minutes of inactivity. A user’s interaction during a session may include multiple pages views, and they may initiate more than one session a day. Sessions are an alternative metric measurement to ‘unique visits’ which represent visits by ‘unique’ users to your website. Unique visits are measured by cookies which means that an individual using a home and work computer will be counted as two unique visitors and three people using the same home computer will be counted as one unique visitor.